Workplace Investigations are an effective way of uncovering a whole array of suspected illegal activity within a company, including employee theft and absenteeism and workers compensation fraud. Unfortunately, these investigations are often not handled correctly, and as such fail to deliver the desired result.

In Depth Investigations provide highly qualified private investigation and surveillance professionals, who are experienced in delivering effective workplace investigations to business’s that may need help in these areas:

  • Suspect an employee is faking an injury or falsifying a work cover or insurance claim
  • Noticing a loss of stock, or theft of others belongings
  • Have ongoing employee absenteeism issues
  • Suspect an individual or department of fraudulent behaviour regarding company finances
  • Require an in depth employee background check or due diligence investigation

If you suspect any of this rorting amongst your employees, In Depth Investigation has the ability and knowhow to deliver the most effective workplace investigation methods for each scenario.

Depending on the situation, there is numerous ways to approach specific workplace investigations, and many laws surrounding them, which is why it’s always best to reach out for professional assistance from In Depth Investigations.

Our workplace investigation operatives can conduct discreet investigations involving advanced workplace surveillance and private detective skills, or more structured investigations that may involve interviewing and research – all in accordance to legal rules and regulations

The most important thing for companies to remember when dealing with investigations of employee theft, fraud or dishonest behaviour is to act fast! The earlier you alert the professionals at In Depth Investigations, the greater chance we have of infiltrating in a professional and ethical manner, that will deliver the desired results.

Employee Background Check

Resolve a suspicion, or avoid a potentially delicate situation in the future by employing In Depth Investigations to undergo thorough employee background checks. Our staff are licensed and qualified in criminal investigation, and can help you make the right employment decisions for your company.

For further investigation into the matter, and to assist WorkCover with determining whether or not your employee’s claim is dishonest, contact the team at In Depth Investigations or learn more here.