How Can You Prove Child Custody and Support Issues in Court?

Are you in the midst of a messy child custody battle? Perhaps you have shared custody of your children with your ex-partner but you’re worried they’re being neglected. Or, maybe your ex isn’t paying child support because they’re lying about their income.

In Australia, 49.5% of all divorces involve children who are less than 18 years of age. This equates to 24,853 child custody/support issues being raised across Australia each year.

If you’re currently involved in one of these battles, and you suspect your former partner is being untruthful or neglectful, you’ll know all to well the fear and uneasiness that comes with leaving your children in their care.

messy child custody battles

All too often neglectful or untruthful parents are granted shared custody, or dodge their child support obligations because people are unable to present sufficient evidence proving neglect or unreported earnings. This is where we come in.

Dealing with Child Custody Disputes

Arguing over who gets custody of the kids can quickly make a civilised divorce quite messy. It’s hard enough fighting for the right to care for your children when your partner is a capable, trustworthy parent, but there’s nothing worse than the fear your ex partner could be entrusted with your children’s safety, despite their bad habits.

Is your ex an alcoholic who gets violent after a few drinks? Do they often go out for hours at a time and leave your young children unsupervised? Maybe they are generally negligent in the sense the kids are left hungry, are not properly clothed, or are being kept away from school for selfish reasons.

There are countless habits that can prevent a parent from gaining custody of a child, but many of them can be hard to prove, especially if the children are too scared to speak up, or don’t want to cause any more fights between their parents.

In these sorts of situations a private investigator can undertake surveillance on the parent in question to obtain enough physical evidence to help the court rule in your favour.

Proving Your Child Support Entitlements

When it comes to child support, the parent who has custody of the child is entitled to receive an allocated amount of funds from the secondary parent, allowing the secondary parent has the funds to do so.

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for people to try and cheat the system, by claiming they’re unemployed, or by declaring an income that is much lower than their actual earnings. This often results in the primary parent receiving no financial support from their ex partner, which can make providing for your children very difficult.

If you’re a single parent, and suspect the mother or father of your children are cheating you out of your rightful child support, proving their deception will be fruitful in the long run. However, without assistance, finding adequate proof can be tricky, and making accusations without the evidence to back up your claims could create an uncomfortable amount of tension, or in some cases, even retaliation.

Talk to us today about uncovering your ex partner’s financial trail, or to help you catch them in the act.

Regardless of your circumstances, a private investigator will prove useful in any child custody or child support disputes, as we will always put the safety and wellbeing of you and your children first.

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