Private Investigation: Tools Of The Trade

Mention private investigation and one immediately thinks of Hollywood actors in dark coats and hats, waiting in their decoy cars for their subjects to appear. But there’s much more into private investigation than just the notions associated with the profession. Private investigation, as you are about to find out, relies heavily on the use of specialized surveillance equipment. It is in fact impossible to conduct investigation in some instances without some assorted private investigation tools of trade. Read to learn more about such tools of trade and what makes each important.

GPS Devices

They come in handy when a private investigator wants to keep track of the whereabouts of his or her subject. Unlike other surveillance devices, most GPS and other tracking are usually small enough to fit inside coats, purses and cars. They send digital signals which are the received at remote sites. An investigator then finds it easy to keep a watchful eye on his subject in the comfort of his office, car or even in a coffee shop. Most infidelity private investigators prefer tracking devices than use of traditional investigation methods like stalking. The devices save time and money and make the whole private investigation task easy. That is in fact why every infidelity investigator in Perth has to work with tracking devices.

Recording devices

They come in handy for gathering evidence. They range from small, wireless microphones to small handheld recorders. They be fit in rooms, on the body or cloth or a subject on even on the private detective. Commonly referred to as bugs, they are just as important as the aforementioned GPS devices. They also make it easy for detectives to gather evidence without invoking suspicion.

Night Vision Equipment

Night Vision Equipment

Infidelity investigators use night vision equipment for pretty much obvious reasons – cheating spouses often go out at night. But other than that, investigators also work at odd hours, trying to nab their suspects or simply gather evidence. That cannot be possible without use of advanced night vision equipment.

Bug Detectors

Ever imagined what would happen if a person hired two private detectives to stalk each other? It sounds strange but it happens. Smart private detectives use big detectors to outdo their fellow detectives. That is exactly where bug detectors come into the picture. They are used to detect tracking and bugging devices within prescribed perimeters. They can also alert and notify a detective about the presence of other counter surveillance devices around them. Note that smart criminals and cheating spouses use the devices too. There is therefore, the need for one to be smart and think outside the box so as to catch a suspect.


This is of course not an extrinsic tool. It is more about the private investigator in question and his or her investigation skills. One must possess what many people may describe uncanny idiosyncrasies. That is, you must be able to for instance, behave and act like a thief or cheat so as to catch one. From then on, it becomes easy to plant bugs where appropriate and use tracking devices if you have to.