Make Workplace Misconduct A Thing Of The Past

Harsh Truths-

No one likes to begin the process of investigating one of their employees, much less even making the accusation- the process is taxing, monetarily and a drain on your attention, not to mention emotionally tiring. But sometimes, the deed must be done.


This being said, investigating one of your employees for workplace misconduct is and has always been a very difficult task. In light of recent decisions and precedents set by the Fair Work Commission, some light has been shed on what to do, (perhaps more importantly!) what not to do when conducting a misconduct investigation- both during, and after!


Third Party Benefits-

Often obtaining the assistance of an objective and impartial third party can aid greatly in a positive outcome. As difficult as many workplace misconduct situations can be, emotion can often cloud judgment and is the last thing you need when attempting to conduct a proper, thorough investigation.


If any misconduct is indeed uncovered, it is also important to note that any evidence found has been obtained legally- In Depth Investigators conduct all of their analysis and review with the utmost regard for the law, and always with the intention that any evidence found will be heard at trial, guaranteeing you peace-of-mind and the knowledge that all actions are carried out above board and with the required due diligence.


Important Policy Information-

First things first, we take great care in ensuring that all policy information is checked and double checked with the relevant institutions. This first and very important step guarantees that we don’t come into any roadblocks further down the investigation.


A common misstep by many organisations when investigating employees, or when employers themselves are conducting investigations, is not paying attention to stringent laws protecting employees from unfair dismissal, and other elements of an existing employment contract. These stipulations are important for both sides and ensure that all parties involved (the investigator, the employee, and employer) are acting within their legal rights and not exhibiting any illegal behaviour.


For more information on The Fair Work Commission’s (FWC) workplace misconduct regulations, see here


Here at In-Depth Investigations, we take great pride in conducting thorough, conscientious and honest investigations, after all, our motto is; ‘Ethics, Honesty, Trust’! So if you’re considering whether to open an investigation on one of your employees or even if you suspect something but haven’t yet been able to prove it, there isn’t a better name in the business than In Depth Investigations.


Workplace Misconduct Services-

The experienced team at In Depth Investigations have a wide range of experiences dealing with workplace misconduct. Here are a few of the circumstances in which we can investigate for misconduct of one of your employees on your behalf-


  • Suspect an employee is faking an injury or falsifying a work cover or insurance claim
  • Noticing a loss of stock, or theft of others belongings
  • Have ongoing employee absenteeism issues
  • Suspect an individual or department of fraudulent behaviour regarding company finances
  • Require an in depth employee background check or due diligence investigation
  • Alleged bullying
  • Industry espionage


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If you suspect an employee of the following or already have developed initial evidence to confirm any of the following, please contact one of our Licensed Professional Investigators immediately at In Depth Investigations.