How can P.I’s help in Fraud cases?

We would all love to think that fraudulent behaviour does not exist, much less that we would one day suffer the misfortune of being a victim to it…


The unfortunate and hard truth is that sadly…it does…and more prominently than you may think. In fact, many industry analysts consider fraud to be a booming *cough* business, with rising losses recorded in recent years.

[Did you know?] A record $380 million was lost to fraud and fraudulent schemes in Australia in 2018?

So perhaps you should ask yourself before it’s too late…is your business susceptible to fraud? Perhaps you have become a victim already? If so, here’s how hiring an experienced private investigator can help…


In-Depth are specialists in fraud investigations

Identifying and preventing fraud is not only difficult but a highly specialised type of investigation, and sometimes bringing in a third party is what’s necessary in order to uncover hidden truths and resolve the matter at hand. It is our job to identify fraudulent behaviour and to alert you to any potential wrongdoing for your information and direction.  


Experienced PI’s prevent the loss of thousands of dollars because the perspective they bring is unique, with an aim in mind. Our methods are both proven and reliable.


The role that a P.I. plays largely depend on the type of fraud, our methods adjust case to case but the principles remain the same. The most common types of fraud seen in Australia are:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Vehicle theft
  • Arson
  • Welfare fraud
  • Superannuation Fraud
  • Workplace misconduct (fraud)

We can also assist with proactive investigations.


In all cases, private investigators are extremely useful because it is part of the job to operate without a personal agenda. Put simply:  we get the details you need but don’t have the resources to find.


We are trained professionals who are able to accurately separate fact from fiction and save your business from losing thousands even potentially millions in revenue.

How can In-Depth Investigations help you?

PI’s collect data from a number of different sources and analyse it in order to expose any wrongdoings and potential crimes. This allows for a deeper understanding of a claimant (person in question) which can provide the answers you need, in order to recoup lost money, possessions and costs.  

We also act in a proactive way in order to assist on-going investigations in your workplace and to prevent internal fraud.  

The two sets of data we most commonly collect are factual data and surveillance data.

Factual data

Factual data is information a P.I can get out of a claimant and or an interested party. This is usually taken from in-person interviews. Factual data can also include any recorded data that can aid in an investigation.


which can all be done at ease. Licenced P.Is have a lot of access to information which can aid an investigation by bringing to light relevant evidence of fraud. The benefits of this access are the difference between knowing what is fact and what is fiction.


Our experienced staff at In-depth Investigations have a background in law enforcement, security business management and financial management,  and are familiar with finding the truth. They’re in a sense, human lie detectors who understand human behaviour and motive better than most people. They can decipher it and connect the dots allowing you to draw factual conclusions through research and observation. Which leads to the second type of data a PI collects in fraud cases: Surveillance data.


Surveillance Data

Surveillance is the biggest point of difference in cases relating to or involving potential fraud. Surveillance information will reinforce any factual data almost conclusively and expose deceit. Leaving no room for doubt and allowing you to accurately identify fraudulent behaviour.

If Fraud is apparent it will show in the person’s private life, therefore surveillance of a person of interest will assist in the process of evidence gathering. This can include photography, video recording of a person or persons subject to the investigation.

This information is only available with the help of trained professionals, ones who can safely observe a subject and gain valuable information all while going unnoticed.


The In-Depth Difference

With fraud investigations, the devil really is in the details, and with a PI all of the details are transparent. This is what all fraud cases need in order to find a resolution. Without transparency, PI’s questions are left unanswered and there are few assurances in regards to the truths of your potential case.


A private investigator is a protection; a shield that can guard your business and save you thousands of dollars through a process of getting to the truth. It is estimated that PIs are able to find concrete evidence in 70 -90% of cases that they work.


If you want the truth PI’s are proven to help and make a difference. We get you the appropriate evidence you need.


We also specialise in fraud cases, our experience has given us the necessary skills to identify theft and save your business time and money.  We also offer special expertise as well as proactive methods to identify risks to your business for any ongoing or future fraud.


If you think you may have a potential fraud claim or are looking to hire an experienced Private Investigator, get in touch with the team at In-Depth Investigations today!