Corporate and Business Investigations 101

The last thing any business owner or corporate CEO wants is to form questionable affiliations or to have their staff betraying their trust. To try and eliminate the threat of, and to catch guilty individuals in the act, our private detective agency in Perth, In Depth Investigations, conduct a number of corporate and business investigations.

corporate and business investigations Perth

To give you an idea of the type of cases we handle, but also what to look out for within your business, read on, as run through some of our most popular business services and what they entail.

Corporate Fraud Detection Perth

Corporate fraud is an increasingly common phenomenon in the business world, with more and more employees undertaking illegal business activities, usually for their own personal gain. Corporate fraud usually occurs within financial departments and can involve situations like hiding company debts so shareholders will continue to provide funds, or even individual workers reporting fake earnings or embezzling funds.

In Depth Investigations can investigate all levels of corporate sabotage, including internal employee theft. Our investigations are confidential and are conducted discretely and with the utmost professionalism.

Due Diligence Perth

Before forming affiliations with individuals or companies, both nationally and internationally, always perform due diligence checks.

At In Depth Investigations, we can check the credentials and legitimacy of any foreign or unknown corporation, unearthing their business history, examining the facts and conducting interviews with the primary interlocutors in both private and corporate cases. This will allow you to confidently form partnerships with trustworthy businesses and individuals, reducing any associated risks.

Employee Background Checks Perth

Are you hiring a new worker for your management team? Perhaps you’re looking for a new financial officer or a staff member that will be dealing with confidential company and staff information. We recommend undertaking employee background checks for most workplace positions, but especially for roles that are higher up within your business and will have access to sensitive business information.

When conducting a background check, we’ll be able to make sure your new employee doesn’t have a criminal record and hasn’t been involved in any dodgy workplace deals in the past – we’ll be able to tell you if the person has so much as a speeding ticket. While this may seem like an unnecessary precaution, in some professions it’s absolutely essential, and for others, it is a great prevention method for reducing the prevalence of situations like employee fraud.

Workers Compensation Surveillance Perth

Each year, a staggering number of Australian employees make falsified workplace compensation claims. Is one of your employees one of them?

We’ll help you find out.

We’ll undertake discreet surveillance of all parties involved, without overstepping any legal or professional boundaries.

If you require assistance from a private investigations company in Perth, contact In Depth Investigations today!