How can Social Media Influence an Infidelity Investigation?

The prevalence of social media has affected marital relationships in a number of ways.

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Firstly, a recent study by the Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking, has found that people who check Facebook more than once an hour are more likely to experience social media-related conflict with their partners than those who don’t. This has led to a rise in divorce rates.

Facebook can also stir the pot when couples are going through a divorce; everything from when you change your relationship status to how you speak about your separation online can have an impact on divorce proceedings.

But, social media isn’t all bad; it can also aid your private investigator in Perth with their infidelity investigation.

Investigators can now use social media to scroll through photos, statuses and comments to see if a person’s online activity tallies up with any statements they make at home or in court. This form of social media investigation has proven useful to private detectives in Perth, and around the globe.

Back in 2010, investigators in Queensland were able to identify false insurance claims (insurance fraud) based on the social media activity of claimants, there have also been cases where alimony has been refused in court because Facebook has shown that a person claiming to be unemployed, does, in fact, have a job.

So, How Can This Practice be Adopted in Infidelity Investigations?

Social media investigations can uncover a lot about a person. One of the first things your private investigator will do when running an infidelity investigation is a social media check.

Where has your partner been checking in? What statuses and photos have they liked? What photos have they been tagged in? What have they been uploading/posting?

While these steps may sound like something you could do yourself, it’s very easy for your spouse to limit the activity that will be visible to you or your friends and family. They could have blocked you from seeing certain updates, or they could even have a separate Facebook account that you don’t know about.

Even social media activity that seems completely innocent can be more illicit that you might think. A private investigator will analyse your partner’s online behaviour, focussing on ‘how’ they say certain things.

We can also compare this social media data with things your partner has said to you. For instance, they may have said they worked late on Tuesday, however, according to Facebook they were at a bar or hotel.

Social media investigations are a fantastic stepping-stone for the complete investigations process. After we’ve learnt what we can from your partner’s social media habits, we can then move onto the more in-depth investigations, such as surveillance in Perth, or conducting interviews.

If you want to learn more about how social media can help us catch your cheating partner, talk to the team at In Depth Investigations today!