Corporate and Business Investigations 101

The last thing any business owner or corporate CEO wants is to form questionable affiliations or to have their staff betraying their trust. To try and eliminate the threat of, and to catch guilty individuals in the act, our private detective agency in Perth, In Depth Investigations, conduct a number of corporate and business investigations. Read More

How can Social Media Influence an Infidelity Investigation?

The prevalence of social media has affected marital relationships in a number of ways. Firstly, a recent study by the Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking, has found that people who check Facebook more than once an hour are more likely to experience social media-related conflict with their partners than those who don’t. This Read More

Is Your Partner Hiding Assets?

Divorces can quickly get messy, especially when money and real estate is involved. If you’re in the midst of a break-up and are having trouble coming to amicable terms with your partner when it comes to dividing assets, a little extra digging might be required. If you suspect your partner (soon to be ex partner) Read More

How Can You Prove Child Custody and Support Issues in Court?

Are you in the midst of a messy child custody battle? Perhaps you have shared custody of your children with your ex-partner but you’re worried they’re being neglected. Or, maybe your ex isn’t paying child support because they’re lying about their income. In Australia, 49.5% of all divorces involve children who are less than 18 Read More

Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

Thanks to the advent of the Internet, cybercrime is becoming more inherent in the lives of everyday Australians. In January this year alone, SCAMWATCH reported that $5,789,529 was lost to cybercrime, with a total of 11,051 total reports of online scams in Australia, and 9.1% of the reports received resulted in financial losses. What is Read More

What Happens When a Person Goes Missing?

In Australia, 38,000 people go missing each year. This equates to approximately four people every hour. While most of these people are located within a short period of time (roughly 95%), there are still more than 1,600 missing person cases in Australia that have remained unsolved. People go missing for a number of reasons. Sometimes Read More

Signs That Say Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? When you ask most people how they know that their partner could be cheating on them, they say it starts with a feeling. Most times we cannot rely on our feelings to establish what we feel is the truth. But then again, if you have that Read More

Understanding Why Private Investigators Make A Great Aide To Attorneys

Attorneys may assume that they do not need to avail the private investigation services in Perth because they can handle the cases themselves quite easily. However, there have been many cases when their career experience and law school studies have proven to be of no help because they do they have their own limits as Read More

Private Investigation: Tools Of The Trade

Mention private investigation and one immediately thinks of Hollywood actors in dark coats and hats, waiting in their decoy cars for their subjects to appear. But there’s much more into private investigation than just the notions associated with the profession. Private investigation, as you are about to find out, relies heavily on the use of Read More

What You Need To Know About Fraud Investigation

Fraud is a case that involves making misrepresentations of certain information with the intent to deceive another person or a company. This exists on a daily basis especially with companies selling their products not for the benefit of the consumer but for the sake of earning income out of it. With the existence of such, Read More