The Most Common Forms of Cyber-Crime

Cybercrime is a huge issue, causing billions of dollars in damage and putting many people in danger, damaging the security of Governments all over the world and exposing great weaknesses in the cyber-security of multi-national corporations- As well, the greater the advancements in new tech- the wider landscape for cyber-crime; with the Australian Cyber Crime Read More

Is Your Partner Having an Affair?

Research suggests that 60 per cent of Australian men and 45 per cent of women have had an affair at some point in their marriage. In total, it’s estimated that some form of an affair happens in 70 per cent of marriages. These figures include people who have admitted to having affairs, so in reality, Read More

The Darker Side of Workers’ Compensation in Australia

In the past few years, WorkCover fraud complaints in Australia have risen by 15 per cent, with a number of employees allegedly using their time off work to earn extra income from a second job.   Remember the outrage back in 2015, when The Canberra Times revealed that Australian Liberal Party members were allegedly rorting Read More

The Different Types of Online Fraud That can Affect Businesses

In today’s economic climate, and given the popularity and necessity of working in the online sphere, business fraud is becoming more prevalent at every level of employment. To keep your business safe, and to be well equipped to take the necessary preventative, investigative, or disciplinary action in the event something does go wrong, these are Read More

What is Cyberbullying and What Can We Do About it?

Cyberbullying in Australia is rampant, with one in eight Australians experiencing Cyberbullying at some point in their life. As the second most common form of bullying across the country, bullies are able to break down the barrier between what used to be safe and unsafe, and can now follow and taunt their victims regardless of Read More

5 of the Worst Corporate Fraud Cases of All Time

Have you ever wondered who the most infamous corporate fraudsters of all time are? Well, these notorious swindlers are definitely ones for the record books, as their ruthless exploitation of corporate ventures has given a new meaning to the concept of corporate fraud. The Ponzi Scheme Charles Ponzi, better known as the infamous Italian criminal Read More

Corporate and Business Investigations 101

The last thing any business owner or corporate CEO wants is to form questionable affiliations or to have their staff betraying their trust. To try and eliminate the threat of, and to catch guilty individuals in the act, our private detective agency in Perth, In Depth Investigations, conduct a number of corporate and business investigations. Read More

How can Social Media Influence an Infidelity Investigation?

The prevalence of social media has affected marital relationships in a number of ways. Firstly, a recent study by the Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking, has found that people who check Facebook more than once an hour are more likely to experience social media-related conflict with their partners than those who don’t. This Read More

Is Your Partner Hiding Assets?

Divorces can quickly get messy, especially when money and real estate is involved. If you’re in the midst of a break-up and are having trouble coming to amicable terms with your partner when it comes to dividing assets, a little extra digging might be required. If you suspect your partner (soon to be ex partner) Read More

How Can You Prove Child Custody and Support Issues in Court?

Are you in the midst of a messy child custody battle? Perhaps you have shared custody of your children with your ex-partner but you’re worried they’re being neglected. Or, maybe your ex isn’t paying child support because they’re lying about their income. In Australia, 49.5% of all divorces involve children who are less than 18 Read More