6 Scenarios Where Hiring a Personal Investigation Service Can Help You Out

Private investigators have some very important uses in our society, and here are some of the most common reasons we use them.

Cheating Wife or Husband

It is a terrible situation to be caught in, but you do not have to be stuck wondering whether your wife or husband is cheating on you. Private investigators are excellent at discovering partners who are having an affair or simply playing the field. A P.I. will follow a spouse who is under suspicion, and will gather evidence to show that they are cheating. That evidence can then be used in court to aid the offended spouse’s case.

Missing Person

There are many types of missing person, and a private investigator will be able to help you in your search no matter who the person is. Whether it is a child who has run away from home or a relative that you have lost contact with over the years, if you hire a P.I. they will know the best way to start the search and the best places to ask for help. The police are not always able to help as much as you want, so a P.I. can be the perfect choice.

Sting or Scam Investigations

If you have previously been involved in a sting operation or a scam of some kind, you will understand the helpless feeling it gives you. However, if you employ a private investigator, they can start to collect evidence of wrongdoing and help you retrieve your money through the courts. There is no need to be helpless when you can hire a private investigator to help.

Background Checks

One day you may decide to hire a private nanny for your child, or perhaps your daughter suddenly announces she is marrying a total stranger. In either of these scenarios you would be right to be worried, and a background check is in order to ease your mind. Background checks can turn up things ranging from credit card abuse to custodial sentences, and you should know about these things before making any decisions about how to proceed. After all it is better safe than sorry.

Insurance Fraud

You may be an employer whose employee has suffered an accident at work, or you could be a private citizen who is being sued for a street accident. Whichever it is you will need to make sure that any claims made against you are legitimate, and if they are not, a private investigator is the perfect way to find out. Insurance fraud is a huge industry, and it’s why insurance companies employ so many private investigators


We all need protection from harassment, and even more from the threat of a stalker. Unfortunately, the police can seldom do anything about these awful situations until there has been contact or some concrete evidence comes to light. Private investigators will watch over the situation and gather evidence until something can be done about the person harassing you, and hopefully lead to some positive police intervention. If you cannot get the service you want from the pol
ice, hiring a P.I. is often the next best option. Actually, sometimes it is the best option